Putting the "Site" back in Website!

Now before you ask, yes, there was another update, but this particular update somewhat brings back the nostalgia from when the website was first born, only with a much more modern style with the "NitroUI" look to it. it brings interactivity back on to the homepage of the website, bringing the page count down to size, with only a few pages tied to the homepage (ie: team profiles, NitroNews pages, etc.). Now believe it or not before this update, everyone saw an app styled website, that was an early preview of our App that is currently in the works! it will be available for both android and ios (beta versions being on android) as soon as the app is done being coded, updates will follow prompting the release.

In Other news...

Creepy™ is coding a bot again! well not just one, but 4 bots. One of them is in our server and the others are for the TN Allies listed here on this very website. They are currently in beta and will be carefully monitored and adjusted based on user feedback.

Team Nitro Finally did a competition! a small one at that. It was more of an invite party to our discord server. Details about that are here. The Winners Are as follows as only 2 people have partaken in said competition,

1st - Haradachii

2nd - Vladimir_Drago

We hope everyone is enjoying their holidays, and thanks for taking the time to read!