We Are Moving Along!

So in latest news, The standalone discord servers for Creepy's Corner™, Team Nitro™, and our newly partnered group; Kemist are going to be non-existent from here on out, the new discord server for the three groups are linked on the home page of this website!

Further more, there has been some development between the three groups! As there is going to be a dedicated Minecraft server for the group to hop on and play together as a community, that is soon to be released! Time frame wise around to be at least from now, to 2 weeks, to about a month due to the development progress.

Development for said server has been going along great! there will be multiple game modes for everyone to enjoy! such as but not limited to: 


Towny (part of factions)




Airship Wars

PVP Arenas

The Team Nitro Museum

And much, MUCH more!
This is a multi world server were talking about here so there is gonna be a lot to do!

With that being said Team Nitro's Game Divisions are going to start up soon! if you don't know what that's all about, take a look at the home page of this website and gather some info because that will be a huge thing to happen with the team!


We Hope You Stay Tuned, Because This And More Great Things Are to Come!


Thank You for taking the time to read this message and sticking with us and the entire community!



- Creepy™ - Leader of Team Nitro