To have a good time, please abide by the following rules:


✱ No spamming of ANY kind. Its annoying.

✱ Swearing IS Allowed. Just don't get carried away.

✱ Respect each other. No racial or homophobic slurs. This also means NOT getting offended by stupid shit!

✱ Take arguments to DMs. Just Remember, we're a community that stands up for our members.

✱ Post content where it goes. Memes, art, videos and such in #media; self-roles and bot commands in #bot-commands, etc.

✱ Do not @ people repeatedly. Again, Its annoying.

✱ Don't be a dick. Have some common sense.

✱ Don't mic spam. Mute yourself if you have annoying background noise.

✱ Do not argue with "higher-up"s. If you have an issue with a "higher-up", please contact Creepy™ or contact another "higher-up" so they may bring it up with Creepy™. all reports are confidential

✱ Do not skip people's songs to play your songs without consent. If you don't like their music, mute the bot. Also, do not make others uncomfortable in vc by requesting weird shit, ask first, they don't like it, tough luck.

✱ Don't ask for special roles, if its not listed on the self roles page, then the're NOT available to you!

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Go To #service-desk. These Rules Apply To Everyone Regardless of Roles, Repeated Failure to abide by these rules will result in demotions, mutes, kicks, temp bans, or perm bans! Keep an eye on your roles as well because if you so happen to break one or more of these rules, they will be noted! You Have Been Warned!

By Staying In The Server, You Accept And Understand The Rules As Written!

These Rules ARE Subject To Change!