What Are Game Divisions?

To put it in simple terms, Game Divisions for Team Nitro is basically a section of the team where other clans/teams for games, that are already not affiliated with us, can fuse with us in order to either spread the word of said clans/teams, or gain some popularity in our competitions that we will host from Team Nitro that will be streamed throughout our team's YouTube or Twitch channels! There will be coaches, referees, camera crew, the whole 9 yards!


We are always accepting applications! The more clans/teams, the better!

The Game Divisions will be managed by our Co-Leader of the team, if he is to be unavailable, then our Team Streamer will take his place! If they are to be both available they will both run them side-by-side. If they are to be both unavailable, then the leader of Team Nitro Will take the spot.

Who Could Be Apart of this?

Anyone with a sense of competition, even our own team members!

How do We do our competitions?

Pretty simple actually! What we do is that any team that has fused with our team will be able to enter in on the competitions regardless of what game you play!

Each clan of their specified game will go against other clans/teams that are also in that game sector. The winner of their game sector will compete in the finals.


The games that the clans/teams will play will be outside their sectors(i.e. if they play minecraft, and win their sector, they will move on and play other games).


Once there are only two clans/teams left, they will go into the championships and that will be "For all The Marbles" So-to speak.

What games are involved?

Any Multi-player games that have competitive signatures!


such as, but not limited to:



Apex Legends


Garry's Mod


Any Call of Duty Games


The whole Sha-Bang!

What are the perks/advantages of fusing?

Aside from being plainly listed on our site and gaining a reputation, there is a reward system for when we host our competitions. Here is an example,


Grand Champion/1st Place: $200 for the whole clan/team, the role of "Grand Champion Game Divisions [Year]" for the whole clan/team in our discord server, and the top dedicated spot on our website.


2nd Place: $100, and the role of "2nd Place Game Divisions [Year]" for the whole clan/team in our discord server.

3rd: $50, and the role of "3rd Place Game Divisions [Year] for the whole clan/team in our discord server"


other placements and participants: The Role of "Participant of Game Divisions [Year]" for the whole clan/team in our discord server

(Mind You that this is just an example, yes there will be actual money involved, and it will come out of the team leader's pocket! Come on now, who doesn't want some money out of their hard work and effort?)

what are the requirements of being on the game divisions?

1.] Must Be Active

2.] Must Have a Clan/Team of at Least 4 or more people

3.] Must Always Be Ready For the Next Competition

You Down For Some Action?