An Idea is Born

On March 8, 2016, CreepyGamer2 and MishapTrap Left the old team called Team RECON. Thus creating a new team for just them two to continue their YouTube Reign. The Team Was Announced that Very afternoon calling it Team Nitro.

The Website Is Created

On March 10, 2016, the old website and Facebook page for Team Nitro were published.

The First Person to Join Team Nitro

On March 9, 2016, Ironically, ReconIsAwesome Abandoned Team RECON to join Team Nitro so that everyone could be a group again. He came in under certain restrictions for the time, but later on had the position of the "Team Game Tester".

The 1st Golden Age of Team Nitro

During this time videos were flooding the team's channels, anywhere from showcases, to gameplays, to features. This is one of the teams biggest high points in the history of the team. 

The Gray Age

After the team uploaded the Full speed challenge, the team went into whats known as "the gray age" where in the mater of 2.5 months only 5 videos were uploaded at most. The team seemed like it was going to disband at this time period but never did.

The Purge

Around this time, the team altogether lost around 700 subscribers; most of which being ReconIsAwesome's Subscribers. The team took a big hit to their audience levels, so from there on in they have decided to ramp up productions so that they can build a bigger audience. The subscriber purge is the reason Team Nitro is now out of the "gray age"

Second Golden Age

After Team Nitro decided to get their act together, they were uploading constantly. The Team saw good ratings again and began recover from this purge. Eventually, we branched out our reach and began to make an impact. Also, the quality of our videos increased.

2nd Gray Age

Our Team stood at a low, currently, the teams upload speed has reduced drastically, and while our overall quality has increased, our momentum as a team has ground to a halt. At this point, we had 2 options for saving the team;


#1 We become a more competitive team, by this I mean participate in more game competitions and/or live streaming 


#2 We actually get up and start making videos again, at a rapid pace, this scenario is less likely, but possible

We Chose to become more active!


now that the website has been redesigned, he hope to become more active!

it seems Creepy™ has a plan to get us back to where we belong!

lets all hope it works out!