Join Team Nitro


1.] No Email Spamming

2.] We want Critics, not Haters, learn the difference.

3.] No Insulting Emails

4.] Youtube or Twitch View/Sub Bots are Banned, if we catch you, you're out.

5.] No Lying

6.] No Excessive Insulting of Team Members

7.] No Video Spamming

8.] Respect others Rank (Leader 1st, Co-Leader 2nd, Admin 3rd, etc)

Disclaimer: If these rules are not followed or if they are broken, consequences will be determined by the leader of the team if you are caught, and annual channel checks do happen! So don't think you can sneak it.


1.] Be Mature, don't go off on a hissy fit if you don't get your way, you aren't a special snowflake.

2.] Don't lie when you signup, we will find out and you will be promptly banned.

3.] Overuse and/or Spam of Recruitment Tickets will result in a ban

4.] Giving False Information, Unless used for your own privacy, is not allowed, please save us and yourself a headache.

5.]If you make content try your best to build an active following

6.] If you make Youtube Videos you must have an Uploads Playlist, this is due to the way we automatically update videos.


Note, more guidelines will be added in the future when the need arises, thank you ~MishapTrap


1.] Must make content (If we have nothing to base you off of how can we decide?)

2.] You must be in our discord server (listed on the home page!) so we can be able to contact you.

3.] You have to be somewhat active (If we go 2 weeks without talking you'll be scheduled for demotion of "kicked from the team")